Thursday, June 20, 2013

En Plein Air

Went to Kafka's with Karla and Seth for the first time in a while. We sat outside and draw whatever interested us. I picked this sunny hill on somebody's property. It looked much better before I painted it, but was salvaged by the addition of the thick pen and the gouache highlights. Also drew some people in Kafka's before we left to go outside and painted them when we got back. 

Teal House

Here's a thing I finished up today.
Took longer than I would've liked, but I'm happy with how it turned out. I went around on a sunny day a few  months ago and took pictures of some houses on my street that caught my eye. Planning to do a few more of these soon.

finished house

some progress shots

In other news, I just finished a summer class and have a bit of time off before the next one. I'm heading down to Redmond tomorrow to visit Mike and I'll have some downtime while he's at Microsoft, so I'm hoping to do some more of these if possible.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Character for Wind Waker

For our final assignment in Professional Applications, we got to work with art director Michael Stribling on a character design related project. We had to create a character(s) or class or creature for an existing videogame, using established design language to create something unique yet cohesive.

I chose the 2003 game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, memorable for its cel-shaded style, bright colors, and expressive characters. My character is a scavenger and a fighter, collecting bits of armor from fallen foes. She is supposed to be slightly older than Link, also on a journey to rescue the kidnapped girls imprisoned in the Forsaken Fortress. I wanted her to be cute, but slightly menacing, so I gave her an oversized helmet and spear.

end result

character in screenshot
original sketch
first pass
second pass

Monday, April 1, 2013

Portfolio for class

Today I last-minute printed my portfolio stuff for Jaime's class. I took longer than anticipated to leave the house thanks to being distracted by Mad Men.

There was a tiny complication at the print shop due to language barriers but things worked out. I accidentally printed the postcard mailer too big because I forgot to double check the template I made, but it looks alright anyways. The prints aren't the best quality and my colors shifted some but altogether, the work looks pretty good.

I feel a bit narcissistic with having my face all over my stuff and it's strange to present my work under such a coherent brand. The complete package consists of the printed portfolio in this black velcro box, an oversized postcard mailer, an envelope containing mini prints, stickers and a business card, and a leave behind novelty package containing 3 buttons and some more stickers. Despite the print quality, I'm happy overall.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

still life painting

Feeling kinda in a slump today so I pecked away at this painting so I wouldn't feel completely unproductive.
We're wrapping up the semester shortly and there's still quite a bit to be done. Final Professional Applications project was assigned- a character design to fit into an existing game world. I wish we'd been told sooner, but I also wish many other things. We have a final portfolio presentation in Jaime's class on Tuesday so I need to find a place to print up my stuff- really hoping I don't end up at Kinkos...

On another note, I've been keeping myself busy with schoolwork and researching game design and related topics. I have a few pieces to upload at some point.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Last semester in Game Illustration, I created a character, Basil the red panda. Basil ended up as the star of the final project, a side scrolling flash game built in an incredibly frustrating and broken engine. Despite the struggles, I had alot of fun with it, and the end result wasn't too bad, all things considered. 

mockup screenshot with partial UI and character sketch in environment
full color character concept 
finished sprite sheet of Basil
attempt at a finished illustration, in progress
input and editing from +Seth Rutledge. Thanks, Seth!

decided on a landscape composition in the end

Been a while

I haven't done an update in a while. Been pretty busy with school and life things- so much going on. This semester, classes are focused on self marketing and working with art directors on specific projects, so useful assignments for once. In the self marketing class, we have to put together a professional portfolio as well as make business cards. As I already had cards made last summer, I was given an alternative assignment- a novelty leave behind. This is the mockup for my novelty item, a pouch of buttons to go with the business cards.

In the other class with art directors, the first project was a decorative postage stamp led by illustrator Nancy Stahl. They were meant to be with a cause or charity in mind and I went with food/seed diversity to promote eating a variety of fruits and vegetables rather than relying on Monsanto sanctioned single species produce.
I'm not sure how well that comes across in the finished piece, but I'm happy with the art part of the project. (Attached is a crappy lo-res version until I find my flash drive, it has since been improved)

In other news, ECCC 2013 is rapidly approaching. I am scrambling to make a few new pieces for prints. I do have buttons and cards this time around, as well as quite a few artist trading cards to sell. My tablemate +Karla Monterrosa just booked us a room at the Green Tortoise Hostel, and if all goes in our favor, we'll have a private room without the hassle of disturbing others or being disturbed- sleep is important! We'll be there under the guise of Lionfish Republic once again and you can find us at booth K-23/24.