Tuesday, September 4, 2012

School's back

Still trying to figure out my schedule.

Edit: I ended up with class on Thursday and Friday, both mornings, but Thursday is a 6 hour class.
I ended up getting into the Game Illustration class which is pretty cool because it actually has me focusing on things, and inspired me towards a topic I'm interested in. Class direction itself is a bit meh because the students are on different levels of understanding.

I also have Editorial Illustration with visiting artist Calef Brown. The critiques in this class are actually pretty helpful, and the one-on-one feedback is good. The overall skill level in the class is much higher than other illustration and general classes I've taken at Emily Carr. My friend Sinan is also in the class, so it's good to know someone there.

Unfortunately, class time isn't used effectively in either class. In Game Illustration, we've spent a bunch of class time playtesting eachother's games or playing published games to get a feel for their mechanics. This really shouldn't be done during class time, and I wish we were actually learning things, like maybe a lecture on game theory or something, or discussion of the gaming industry. Editorial has had a bunch of wasted time as well. Day one, class let out after about an hour. The past two classes weren't very productive either, as we waited for the teacher to come give individual feedback. There wasn't clear direction on what to work while we waited. The semester seems to generally be a letdown. I've already accepted that things are pretty crappy. The money has already been paid, and complaints to administration tend to result in responses like "if you don't like it, you can leave."

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